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SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Before we know it, summer will be over and college football will be right back on us.  Seems like just yesterday that Florida State staged their thrilling comeback against Auburn to win all the marbles.  Anyway, with three months to go, it got me thinking.  Here are 20 facts that you can count on leading up to the start of college football.

1.  Former Florida Tight End Aaron Hernandez is going to jail for a long, long time.

2.  The last three national champions have led the country in scoring defense.

3.  Jameis Winston won’t be eating crab legs anytime soon.

4.  Michigan and Notre Dame, one of the storied rivalries in all of college football, play for the last time on September 6th.

5.  Nick Saban will be faking a leg injury on the sideline to slow up tempo offenses down.

6.  If Braxton Miller stays healthy and wins 11 games for Ohio State this season, he will have won more games than any quarterback in Buckeye history.

7.  Arkansas coach Brett Bielema’s wife Jen will do two things:  One, stick her foot in her mouth before game 3.  And, two, blast hot bikini photos of herself all over the internet.

Russell Athletic Bowl - Rutgers v Virginia Tech8.  Frank Beamer starts his 28th year on the sidelines of Virginia Tech.  He is the longest tenured FBS coach and has won more games than any active coach in FBS.

9.  Lane Kiffin won’t be dogging out any coaches in the SEC anytime soon.  The new offensive coordinator at Alabama has kept a low profile since going to work for Saban.

10.  Bryce Petty has had a storied career at Baylor, but he’ll have a hard time matching last season’s numbers.  The starting signal caller threw 23 touchdown passes of more than 25 yards, the most of any QB in FBS last year.

11.  Pete Rose will make a bet every week on college football.

12.  Northern Illinois will try to extend it’s nation’s best 26 game home winning streak.

13.  I doubt Winston and his roommates will be bringing girls home to their apartment anytime in the near future.

14.  Boise State won 92 games under Chris Peterson, more than any other FBS team during that same span of time.  Peterson heads off to Washington to try to keep his magic intact.

15.  Mike Leach, the coach at Washington State, won’t be locking any players in a closet in the foreseeable future.  But he will be throwing the football all over the field next season.

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images16.  UCLA better improve it’s pass protection next season.  Starting quarterback Brett Hundley, one of the top playmakers in the game, was still sacked 87 times last year, 17 more than anyone else.

17.  The hottest cheerleaders in the land, the Oregon Ducks, took part in the 2014 Polar Plunge.  Short skirts, bikini tops, and sub-freezing temps.  Sounds like fun.  Let’s hope their football team doesn’t get cold at the wrong time this season.

18.  Bill Snyder, one of the nicest guys in all of college football, is 74, the oldest coach in college football.  While at Kansas State, Snyder has won almost 67% of his games.

19. While Snyder won almost 67% of his games at K-State, it is a 100% certainty that Winston will do something stupid before the end of the 2014 college football season.

20.  Winston completed 73 passes of 20-yards or more last season, the most of any quarterback in FBS.


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