It’s Wednesday in Hollywood – do you know where your favorite Pac-12 coaches and players are? If you are a California Golden Bear fan you do! Sportswatch’s Ashley Roe caught up with Cal safety Stefan McClure during day one of Pac-12 media day on the Paramount Studios lot. Roe, a Cal alum and former volleyball player for the Bears, was excited to chat with McClure about overcoming last season’s injury and stepping up his conditioning for this upcoming 2014 season. The 5-foot-11 senior tells Roe he is using his down time to hit the film room and really study up on the Golden Bears new defensive scheme, in an effort to be the “quarterback of the defense” on the field. General McClure; we like the sound of that! Click on the video to check out some more fun facts about McClure, including his favorite month. Hint” it also happens to be his birthday month! And stay tuned for more videos from your favorite Pac-12 players and coaches live at Pac-12 football media day.

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Emily Van Buskirk

SportsWatch Columnist
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